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Wind and Storm Damage Assessment

Wind and Storm Damage Assessment by Florida Engineering Solutions

After a severe storm, the first thing home and business owners need to do is have a thorough and accurate inspection of their properties for wind and storm damage. Storm damage is the most common type of damage sustained by homes and buildings, and the majority of it is caused by strong winds. Unfortunately, many homes are not adequately equipped to withstand severe storms and strong winds.

Hurricane force winds, tornados, and lightning are a few examples of severe weather that can damage a building. Damage to a building can range from minor water intrusion caused by wind-driven rain, to severe structural damage that compromises the stability of the structure itself. Our experts are equipped to deal with all aspects of the storm damage.

What Happens During an Assessment

wind-and-storm-damage-assessmentsIn the wake of a severe storm, it is critical to have a damage assessment performed as soon as possible. Unnoticed damage can worsen quickly if repairs aren’t made in a timely manner.

The engineer will initially evaluate the structure for any damage that would cause an unsafe condition such as excessive deflections within beams and listing and leaning of bearing walls and columns. The safety of the occupants is the primary concern and should be established immediately. The assessment will document any and all structural damage along with other damage, such as water intrusion or damage to roof coverings.

At Florida Engineering Solutions, we provide all of our assessment clients with a through report, Xactimate, customized repair plans, and repair drawings ready to be submitted for permit.

Why Should I Use a Structural Engineer?

Structural engineers are experts in their fields. Regular home inspectors, though they have your best interest in mind as well, don’t have the resources and expertise structural engineers do. During a walk-through of your home, they simply look for signs of damage immediately evident. Structural engineers essentially “forecast” damage repercussions in the future. They use forensic testing to identify unseen damage and potential hazards.

They also use these forensic techniques to assess whether small damages now may lead to weakness, compromised integrity, or further damage throughout the life of your home.

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