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Insurance Claims

Insurance Claims 

Florida Engineering Solutions provides insurance claim expertise in the wake of a disaster. We treat insurance claims with the highest level of priority, and claims are handled in a professional manner by our team of expert structural engineers and assessors. When reporting our findings, we present our results in a format that is easy for our clients to understand. We are based out of Florida, but we provide service to many states across the Southeast.

Sinkholes in Florida

Sinkholes are a natural part of the landscape structure of Florida. When underground water erodes the structure of the land, it creates geological hazards throughout Florida. The ground beneath our roadways and landscapes is comprised of soil, tiny rocks, and limestone. Foundation-damaging sinkholes require structural repair, which recreates and strengthens the ground and foundation. Sinkhole repair is extensive and needs assessment and remedial plans immediately following the event. Florida Engineering Solutions’ repair plans can include a variety of techniques, including damage management if a sinkhole has already formed.

Structural Home Inspection

Florida Engineering Solutions offers important insight to home inspections, including structural assessment. Generally, buyers and sellers must have a home inspected before purchasing, but home inspectors cannot test the structural integrity of a building or home. This is a vital step, especially if you are considering purchasing a home or building that has been in foreclosure. Unfortunately, these structures have often been damaged and neglected. While some repairs are obvious, there are some that the inspector’s eye alone can’t see.

Wind and Storm Damage Assessment

After a severe storm, the first thing homeowners and business owners should do is have a thorough and accurate inspection of their property for wind and storm damage. Because it is impossible to see what kind of damage wind and water have done to the integrity of the building’s structure, a complete structural damage assessment is the first step toward repairs. Some damage is repairable when found in a timely manner, ensuring the safety of the occupants. What is unrepairable needs to be known as immediately as possible, in order for you to plan for the appropriate measures.

Because these kinds of structural issues need an immediate finding, call Florida Engineering Solutions. We can give you an honest assessment of the damage a storm has caused to your home or building. From water, flooding, or winds, the structural integrity of your building may depend on contacting a reliable and expert source.

Vehicle Impact Damage Assessment

When vehicles impact a building, be it a house or a commercial property, they risk causing severe structural damage. The speed at which a vehicle hits the building is a big indicator of how much damage can actually be done. Aside from broken windows and buckled walls and support posts, a heavy vehicle impact can also cause problems in the foundation slab and load-bearing walls. It is important to get an expert assessment immediately so repairs can begin.

Fire Damage Assessments

We offer fire damage assessments to our residential and commercial customers as well. Fire damage can greatly affect the structural integrity of your property: structural support beams can be weakened, extensive structural damage may occur, and the list goes on. Fire damage requires that an experienced assessor inspect the property quickly after the event in order to start making repairs as soon as possible. An accurate assessment of damages and repairs helps cut overall costs when it comes time to begin construction.

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