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Commercial Building Design

What is Commercial Building Design?

commecial-building-designThe professional team at Florida Engineering Solutions is ready and able to put their years of experience to work helping clients with the design of commercial buildings. We strive to create structures that will fit the exact needs of the owners, architects, or builders of every structure we make and work closely with the project’s decision makers to ensure that their vision is realized through our designs and construction plans. Commercial buildings require special attention, as they are often high-cost projects and necessarily executed under tight deadlines.

Florida Engineering Solutions knows these factors all too well. When designing a project for a client, we keep not only quality, but cost in mind as well. Before undertaking any design project, we spend time with our clients to determine their exact needs and what they hope to see in the project’s final incarnation. We then set to work, creating structures that uphold our client’s vision and match their needs in every way.

We at Florida Engineering Solutions have constructed many types of commercial buildings. We have designed structures for light retail, focusing on their ability to draw in customers and showcase their wares. We have made plans for office buildings, working to give each employee a great environment to spend their days in. We have also designed projects for industrial use, taking care that each safety and production requirement is at the top of the priority list. Our knowledgeable expert design team has successfully served clients with a broad range of businesses and needs.

Benefits of Commercial Building Design with Florida Engineering Solutions

One of the greatest benefits of working with Florida Engineering Solutions for your commercial structure design and planning needs is our ability to be adaptable. We give each project we undertake individual attention and work closely with our clients to give them the exact structure they are envisioning.

Our buildings are custom designed to fit the needs of whatever commercial entity will be housed in them, and owners can rest assured that the team who brought the Southeast some of its most notable structures is completing their project. Each client will be paired with one of our distinguished professionals to ensure that their needs are met in the most efficient and structurally sound way possible. This personal touch sets Florida Engineering Solutions apart from the competition, giving our clients an advocate they can rely on throughout their project.

We also provide our clients with the option of seeing 3D drawings of the building plans before construction begins. These images are a great asset to those looking to build, as they provide something tangible the client can look to before any unchangeable steps are taken. 3D images and renderings are also a cut above standard blueprints. They allow clients to actually “walk through” their structure while it is still in the design phase, ironing out potential changes they would like made with a real-world view in mind.

The professionals at Florida Engineering Solutions provide top to bottom design service undertaken with the client and end result in mind.

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