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Commercial Engineering

What is Commercial Engineering?

Commercial engineering is the application of scientific knowledge to structural engineering. It is a broad area of applied expertise and is what Florida Engineering Solutions is known for. The commercial engineers working on our team employ an extensive set of skills, which enable them to perform that large variety of tasks the commercial engineering arena routinely requires. Education, experience, and innovation combine to make our experts in this field versatile and highly skilled in tackling projects from assessment to design and implementation of many construction modalities.

Precast Concrete

precast-concretePrecast concrete is a method of construction that is used to ensure the long-term performance of materials. The model makes use of reusable forms or molds in controlled environments, and then transports the completed materials to the job-site. This gives the concrete the opportunity to properly cure. Then, it is monitored for any potential issues, and it can be used for construction of walls, slabs, buildings, panels, concrete structures, and concrete-made homes. Precast concrete is popular throughout the construction world due to its reliability and strength.

Prestressed Concrete

Prestressed concrete describes the method of concrete construction that is often used to overcome the natural weaknesses in the tension of concrete. This process can be employed to produce concrete for projects that require a long lifespan and a sturdy foundation, such as bridge, floor, or beam construction. It is stronger and more practical than concrete that is reinforced by ordinary means, making it a great choice for major projects that require longevity and protection from the elements.

Commercial Building Construction

Commercial building construction is often a time-sensitive undertaking. This kind of construction features high costs and tight deadlines. Considering the expense and implications of this process, you’ll want to look at hiring a company known for the kind of state-of-the-art analysis, design, innovation, and quick turnaround Florida Engineering Solutions has built its reputation on. We are committed to providing the engineering services, plans, and support necessary to streamline this type of design and construction project. Our team of industry-leading experts will deliver an outstanding finished project on budget. 


Noise Barriers

Industrial noise is a potential issue in any construction project, which is why Florida Engineering Solutions regularly employs cutting edge noise reduction systems to allow your work to be completed with minimal invasion or inconvenience to the surrounding areas, and to shield the construction zone from externally generated disturbances. Noise mitigation techniques involve using acoustic barriers to reduce sound transmission within and around the site. These techniques are utilized in both commercial and residential settings to provide the most peaceful construction atmosphere possible.

Radiation Shielding

Lead shielding design and x-ray shielding design are both critical factors in making medical facilities safe for employees and patients. Radiation can cause severe damage to living tissue and has been associated with the development of cancerous cells. Lead is also the most cost-effective way to upgrade the protection of an existing facility from these harmful elements. Florida Engineering Solutions is highly trained in this type of shielding and has multiple measures in place to guarantee the safety of staff and patients during the upgrades.

3D Rendering and Drawing

A three-dimensional rendering of an upcoming or proposed project can be used to create a clear, accurate, and compelling presentation of architectural plans and design proposals. A striking visual element is a strong addition to any presentation. These illustrations can greatly assist those looking to sell their projects to city and county officials. Florida Engineering Solutions has a team of expert designers ready to create full color 3D renderings and full-scale elevations of clients’ future projects.

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