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Safe Room Design for Hurricanes and Tornados

Safe Rooms

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Safe rooms, also known as storm shelters or tornado shelters, protect people when immediate safety is essential. Florida Engineering Solutions can help provide for the safety of your family during hurricanes and tornadoes.

While your home may be built to meet or even exceed local building codes, it may not withstand winds from extreme events such as tornadoes. When disaster strikes, you need a safe place within your home. In the mid-west they're called tornado shelters, around Florida, the Gulf Coast and the Carolinas, they're known as hurricane rooms.

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Safe Doors

The most important opening within storm shelters is the door opening. We design safe rooms with strong doors rated for all hurricanes and tornados. Florida Engineering Solutions has the knowledge and experience to design solid concrete safe rooms - concrete floor - concrete walls - concrete ceiling.

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Florida Engineering Solutions was built on a foundation of honesty, hard work, and ethics. We understand the strength of good customer relationships and we believe in the power of ideas. We focus on solutions and provide you with results.

John Hoy is the principal of the firm and a senior structural engineer. Along with his team, he has the experience and expertise to solve complex problems, and to do so in a timely manner. Florida Engineering Solutions although based near Tampa Florida, and has worked as a trusted partner on a wide variety of structural engineering projects across the Southeast.

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Florida Engineering Solutions is a structural engineering firm that provides superior structural engineering services for a wide variety of clients including private owners, architects, and contractors, among others. No matter how small or large your project, we can help you find a cost effective solution.

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