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Concrete Foundation Design

Designing Concrete Foundations

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The concrete foundation of every building, whether residential or commercial, is the most important part of any construction project. The concrete foundation is the structural component that holds all the other components together. The design of the concrete foundation, therefore, is critical. Make sure you have a professional design team that’s up to the task.

Florida Engineering Solutions understands the need for a strong, durable concrete foundation. Large steel buildings and other commercial structures must have a foundation capable of resisting hurricane or tornado force winds. A concrete foundation is only as good as its design.

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We Can Expedite Your Project

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Florida Engineering Solutions has the knowledge and experience to create a concrete foundation design for your next project. Our professional structural engineers can provide the design services and engineering support you need to expedite the completion of your project.

In today’s market, tight deadlines and high construction costs require state-of-the-art analysis and design, innovative thinking, quick turnaround, and quality service on all projects. We deliver.

Experienced Professionals

Florida Engineering Solutions is a professional design and engineering firm that has provided superior structural engineering services for private owners, architects, and contractors, among others.

John Hoy is the principal of the firm and a senior structural engineer. He leads an experienced team that has the expertise to solve complex problems, and to do so in a timely manner. Florida Engineering Solutions is based near Tampa, Florida, and has worked as a trusted partner on a wide variety of structural engineering projects across the Southeast.

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